Friday, November 16, 2012

Weekly Check-In

Alright... so here is the nitty gritty truth of the matter... I've done well!  Food is my go to thing for when I am sad, happy, stressed or feel overwhelmed.  I'm an emotional eater to the n-th degree.  And there has been all of the above in the past 3 days.  And one day I almost posted a plea blog for a solution to wanting to drown my sorrows in chocolate and wine... but I sucked it up and didn't do it.

Here is how it broke down:

I didn't add any additional sugar to my teas or anything else I had.

I did let myself have a cookie when I felt like my day was crap and I wanted a treat (best part?  I didn't go for the second one or the other offered treats from friends).

I didn't add salt to anything I ate (and I ate boiled eggs... plain... not bad)

I did NOT work out.  My back decided it hate me on Thursday night and I've been slowly stretching it out ever since... maybe a little pool time later today if I think I can handle it.

I did monitor my portions (except for last night when I got to go to a friend's house for a Diwali feast... but I did abstain from booze during the event).

I avoided fried foods altogether, even when a quick meal from a fast food joint seemed like it would be so much easier.

Through the whole time of saying no to most treats (I did have that cookie and dessert last night... deliciousness) and in choosing healthier foods I NEVER ONCE felt deprived or like I was on a diet.  That is SUCCESS right there.  Limiting simple things and just making better choices is easier than forbidding things for forever from my life.

Let's hope the next week sees me continuing to succeed and to even hit the gym and time or 3!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Goals

Okay... clearly I've been trying and failing for quite some time now.  So, now it's time to get serious.  I think I've just not been ready. And by that I mean that I kept ignoring the information that my body was telling me.  I was ignoring the pain in my back and hips from carrying all the extra weight (I have been wearing the same size for 3 or 4 years but it's not about the gain, it's about the wear and tear).  I was ignoring the headaches from eating foods that weren't good for me.  I was ignoring how much I hated looking in the mirror or at pictures.  But no longer.  I know I may have said that before but I'm really and truly done with looking and feeling the way that I do.  So it's time for a change and I am the only one who can make that change.

Here are the goals I am making:

1. Run a 10 km race in under 1 1/2 hours (I'm slow but that time would be quick for me)

2. Walk/jog a 1/2 marathon

3. Work out 3-4 times a week

4. Avoid fried, fast or processed foods (this is going to mean less or no drinking)

5. Absolutely no added sugar (going to use honey or agave syrup instead), no added salt

Okay... I think we will start with those 5 goals.  I've already stopped adding sugar to anything and I don't even miss it.  I still use salt sometimes but I think it will be easy to give that up as I don't really need to add it most of the time.  I've walked a 5 km race just recently and was able to do well with that so I think training for and running/walking to other two is doable.  The hard goals for me will be avoiding the fried or fast foods (had fried, fast food for dinner... made it my last meal of that sort), it will also be hard for me to push to do the workouts.  I just get so lazy once I get home... I think I'm going to start packing my workout gear to school and changing there before hopping the train home... that way I can go straight to the gym when I come home... it's the going upstairs to change first that kills the workout mojo.  But if I'm already changed when I get on the train, there is no reason to go upstairs.

Okay... I know that there are literally 3 readers but I'm really going to need your support, help and accountability push to help me complete these goals.  Also, let me know what would be some good timelines for the races... when should I have those completed by?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Finally Getting Back on Track

I don't know if you are like me at all but I'm one of those people who needs the fear of failing in order to get back on track in pretty much ALL areas of my life. And this is most true when it comes to my health and well-being. 
Since moving to Singapore I've begun to set a few goals for myself (working out at least 3 times a week, swim as often as I can and learn some new sports) in regards to fitness and health.  In order to ensure that I would actually work out at least 3 times a week, I signed up for the Great Eastern Women's Run 5K.  It's smaller than what I was doing before my knee injury and surgery but I know it's what I need in order to get back on track.  I hit the elliptical yesterday in the gym and was pleased with my cardio but once I switched to the treadmill I could tell that I had a LOT of work to do once impact was thrown into the game.  I've also started doing yoga in the mornings that I go to work and it's been an awesome way to get my blood going and my morning started.  Finally I've started swimming almost daily in the pool that is downstairs.    So I feel like I'm off to a good start for my fitness goals... I've even been given the opportunity to learn to play Gaelic football, ultimate frisbee, and field hockey. I'm excited to have all these opportunities to learn new sports and find new ways to make my body better. 
So that's where I am in the

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Successes and Failures...

I think that choosing a healthier lifestyle is full of ups and downs, successes and failures.  I'm just beginning my journey (again) and I've already experienced both.  I weighed myself when I first got home (260 lbs... failure) and again this morning (3 weeks later: 262.5.... success of a sort since I didn't mind my diet or really workout at all).  I've successfully kept sugar out of my coffee (one of my short term goals that is now becoming a long term goal with an extension to tea). I've failed to eat small portions or even healthful choices.  These are things to take on in my next chapter as I move to Singapore.  Just like I removed sugar from my hot beverages, I'm going to removed packaged sweets from my diet.  Eventually I'd like to remove at least 75% of all packaged foods if I can. And I'd like to add more workout time into my life again.   But we'll see.  Let's keep moving one little success at a time.  There will always be failures but as long as I don't allow that to derail me completely, then that will be okay. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Another Day... Better Choices

While I am still struggling to make the best choices for my meals and exercise, I made some better ones today.  Today, I chose a iced green tea over an iced latte or frappucino. I chose a shrimp (not fried) and spinach salad over a burger, sweet potato fries over regular fries.  I also chose sushi over fried foods.  Portion control is still a problem as is regular exercise.  One step and day at a time, right?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

AM Good.... PM Bad

I started out good this morning... I measured my cereal and almond milk.  I had blueberries with it and I went for a walk... then I got to my destination, walked with my friend and then ate fried food and gelato... *sigh* and then I walked home, went to another friend's house and had coffee (no sugar!!!) and a piece of pie... came home to a delicious and healthy dinner and then promptly had cake for dessert... *sigh* Tomorrow I'll start well again and see what else I can do to do well throughout the day.  Hoping it's better than today.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Lows...

...or highs as the case may be. I'm on summer vacation and I've really just let things slide. Actually if I'm being honest, I've been letting things slide since my knee injury and especially right around the surgery and recovery time. I'm at an all time high in my measurements and weight. I simply can't wait around any more to get started with being healthy. I don't know if I want to take huge drastic steps all at once because when I do that I seem to set myself more for failure than I do for success. I do, however, think that I really need to get back to controlling my portions and being active. So this entry is my pledge to get back into that part of my life... Summer vacation be damned. Please lend me your support and positive thoughts and prayers so that I feel like I have a support network. I'm going to try and make a pledge to track my a progress like before but with a little more regularity and honesty. Thanks!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Post Surgery Depression

So it's been two weeks since I had my knee surgery.  I thought I'd give up carbs and sugars to help me not pack on the pounds after the surgery but I'm an emotional eater and so I didn't.  I've come to realize that being able to be active motivates me to eat well, to be more positive and to also be more social.  Right now, all I do is stay home as much as possible, eat things that aren't great for me and gain weight because I'm eating sugary things, chips, breads, rice, pasta... whatever strikes my fancy.  Sure, most of my portions are smaller but I'm not making good choices.  Yes, my knee is healing beautifully and I'm able to walk around more and more each day (and I do)... I'm even able to go up and down stairs with some regularity now.  I'm also doing some doctor prescribed exercises at home and am seeing strength return but I'm still sad that I can't run or even cycle.  I know that it's only been two weeks and I'm keen to heal well and not rush it but I can't wait to be active again.  I'm hoping that in 2 more weeks I can at least get back on my bike and break a sweat again.  I'm also hoping that I can start making some good choices for my fuel intake.  I will also say that needing an unexpected root canal (this just happened this past week) didn't help my emotional, pity party eating habits.  It's times like this that I wish I had an accountability partner on the same track as me, dealing with my same issues to help talk me through and keep me motivated.  I'm hoping that by posting on here, some of you will push me to make some better choices and will support my desire to get back on the pony express of good, healthy living.  Stay tuned... I think it may be time to measure, weigh and do some embarrassing photos to help me get motivated too.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Surgery just days away....

So my knee does need surgery and I've decided to go ahead with it so that it can get better faster while the problem is still fairly minimal.  But the kicker is that I won't be allowed to do any physical activity (even cycling with no resistance) for 3 or 4 weeks afterwards.  Of course I will heed the doctor's directions so that it heals well and I can actually get to running again.  However, this is a bummer as I do want to keep losing weight and getting fit.  My mom suggested doing some seated Tai Chi to work my upper body during that time which might be cool but there isn't much cardio in it... still worth doing something though, right?  But I've decided that after the surgery I'd eliminate some things from the food part of my life to help me... like sugar and white carbs (flour, rice, pasta etc).  I've been pretty good at keeping that out but now I'm just going to kiss it good bye... I've given up most meat at this stage as well (not because I have political issues or anything, or even because I don't like it... just because it's not convenient and I often don't feel like I want to eat it).  I'm hoping to up my veggies more and get more of my proteins from beans, lentils etc.  Basically, I'm going to take my cardio recovery time as a time to tackle some of my food issues (nothing too crazy or extreme because then all I want is what I can't have) and see how that works.  Instead of being further depressed by my limitations, I'm going to choose to be  impressed by the things I can do to continue to make positive contributions to my health!  Stay tuned... I'll probably be blogging about it at some point! ;)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Broken Body=Broken Motivation?

If you know and follow me on facebook you know that I've been dealing with a knee issue for a few months. I fell a while back and although much of it has healed, it's never completely healed. I went to the doctor and he confirmed that it's a little more messed up than I would like it to be and that surgery is on my horizon. He's let me deal with the choice of surgery now under his capable care or risking it getting worse etc. and having someone else do it. I'm pretty convinced that the time is now while the repairs would be minor.
With that said, my biggest struggle is to be motivated to work out. I've been told that I cannot run until it's fixed... running is how I get my real cardio workout in. Sure I can cycle on a stationary bike (I have one on my balcony but the seat is horrible and my rear end is in intense pain after about 5 minutes) but since I can't use any real resistance, I don't get a good workout. I can go for walks but the same thing happens... And as a fat chick, I REALLY need the good cardio to burn. My motivation is waning, that's for sure. I'm still eating fairly well most days and the inability to hit it hard in the gym has effected my appetite for sure... mostly I find that I'm not interested in eating at all (unless it's popcorn, hehe). Oh... and for all of you thinking that getting in a swimming pool would be the answer... you are so right, but when I checked into the ONLY pool that is open and within my area (like literally any others are between a 40 minute or 1 hour bus ride away), I was told I couldn't buy a short term membership... one year or nothing at all. If I wasn't moving in June, that'd be great but since I'll be in another country, that's a no go.... *sigh*Help me friends... help me find the motivation to exercise and alternatives that are workable. Right now, all I want to do is lay in bed in fat clothes and eat popcorn and ice cream.... yup... I'm mad/sad/frustrated and an emotional eater... oh... no yoga either because the injury makes it impossible to kneel... *sigh*

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sweating it Out

So even though I'm under orders from the doctor NOT to run (which burns mega calories, and which I've been getting better and better at), I decided that I could still find a way to get to the gym and get my sweat on. The old me would have whined, complained, told every soul with a pair of ears (I kinda still did that last one) and then gone home to gorge on not good for me foods... but this me, the new me, the improved and better me.... well, she packed her gym bag, dragged it to school and took her bum knee to the gym to hit the weights and the bike. I was there for about an hour or so and sweat nearly as much as if I'd run... it was good... really good and it was a great way to force to to lift weights which are great calorie burners too. I like the new me better... she loves herself and wants the best for herself... YAH!! And it was great because one of my basketball players looked at me today (we took our team picture) and asked if I'd lost weight... I said I had but just a tiny bit and she said it was totally noticeable... maybe I don't see it but it's so encouraging when others do!!!
So if you have an injury and can find a way around it... then do.. it's great!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Body Parts

*sigh* Sometimes they just don't cooperate. I hurt my knee a while back and went in to see the doctor. His primary concern at the time was that I had broken or fractured part of my knee so I had X-Rays done and was cleared. However, the front of my knee is still numb and tingles when touched and there is pressure and pain when I bend it deeply or put pressure on it by kneeling. So I went back to the doctor (who is AWESOME, by the way) to have him have another look and this time an MRI is in order and I am NOT to run... this is a HUGE bummer for me because I've really enjoyed running and started having some good success with it lately. But okay... so since I'm off the running until I get the okay from the doctor, I need to find other ways to be active that don't involve putting too much pressure or impact on my knee... and no, I don't have a swimming pool at my availability (weird, I know, since I work at a university and they don't have one in ANY of their gyms). So today I walked home from the main campus which is about 3km and then I do have a really crappy stationary bike at my apartment... I guess those are my options for now... any other suggestions?! I know I can still do my core and stuff with my ball and bands, so that's good but I need to BURN this fat off... help, please....

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day Three... RUNNING!!

So I worked really hard to be able to run for up to 25 minutes through the Couch-to-5K program a couple of years ago and I did it... Then I stopped. I gave up and so I've had to start all over again. I've been giving up on myself every time too... I've been running for 5 minutes and then convincing myself that it was too hard, or my legs didn't feel right, or my lungs/heart/brain/whatever was working too hard and that I needed to slow down and walk. Thing is that I barely run as it is, it's more of a slow plodding jog. But I have a friend here in Turkey who is a really consistent runner and who believes in her friends. She's been encouraging me to just keep going. Yesterday I hopped on the treadmill, walked 2 minutes to warm up and then told myself internally that I would run for 10 minutes... when I reached 10, I felt good and thought I'd just go a little more... then I reached 15 minutes and thought I'd just keep going because I felt okay. At 17 minutes I felt a little dizzy so I slowed down to a walk for 2 minutes and then ran for another 3 minutes. We have a 25 minute maximum on our treadmills at the gym so then I had to get off after one more minute of walking (my last minute of running I upped my speed so as to push myself). I felt so good and so proud of myself... then I walked UPHILL in the SNOW to get home and prepare some yummy snacks for friends that came by last night. It was just a really great day and evening and I felt like this is the life I deserve and want.... a little window into where I'm heading in life and I like it...

Today (day 4) it's sunny and warmer so I think I might try and go outside and go for a good long walk and then come home to do some yoga and work with the bands for strength....

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day Two

So day two started well, I worked out hard enough the day before to slip into a pretty deep coma by about 9:30 pm and I woke up super rested and happy.

My gym bag was packed already and I was ready to get busy this afternoon after work. However, there were some unforeseen changes at work and I needed to deal with a few of those things, so I did that after school and then I went to the staff volleyball game. I have degenerative disk disease and so sometimes I'm not as bendy as I like and for some reason it's harder in volleyball. So since most of my colleagues know I'm a non-bender, they tend to pick up my slack and I don't get to run around or play that much. I know that if I develop a stronger core and as I loose weight, this can be easier so I'm trying to make it a goal instead of a let down. But I stayed and played for about 1 1/2 hours for my exercise today. My current goal is to find a way to be active everyday. Whether that is a hard core workout at the gym, some yoga or pilates at home, a walk with friends, playing volleyball or whatever. Just as long as I make physical activity a priority in my life right now. I'm not sure if I should pay myself for what I did today, but maybe I should since it was a long period of time.... yes, I think I will. One thing I do know is that I really need to find a way to make yoga and pilates more a part of my daily life because the stretching and strength building is so important for me... my back is killing me right now and I can barely stand up (it's going into spasm... so I've plastered some stuff on it and I will put it to rest after a good hot shower later) but I can't live this way... so I've gotta take this weight off and get my body healthy and strong... skinny is nice, but healthy, strong and fit are straight up sexy and life supporting, so that's the ultimate goal in the end...

I used to be the person that would get discouraged from this kind of pain and I'd give up... eat a bunch of sweets and have a good cry and pity party... but not now, now I want to push through that, stay positive and stick to my goals... I'm packing my gym bag again for tomorrow (going to try and run a little more tomorrow... getting stronger and faster...) and I'm making it a priority to get to the gym and get my sweat on!

Upside of the day? My neighbour who hasn't seen me in about 2 weeks asked if I'd lost weight... she thinks I have (I'm pretty sure I haven't... I need to do my measurements at the end of the week), so that feels nice and motivates me to keep going!

Monday, March 26, 2012

A Good Start

Today was a good start in my life change. Yesterday was a mini-start but I'd been feeling a little off (sore tummy, dizzy etc) so I didn't work out but managed to make some yummy healthy food and then eat too much of it... *sigh* This is the story of my life and portion control is my biggest issue for the most part... especially in the evenings.
But today, today was a different story. I got up feeling well rested. I had a nice proper portioned bowl of Special K cereal with Soy Milk (regular milk makes my insides unhappy but yogurt and cheese tend to be okay in moderation). Then I went to school (aka work) and I snubbed the snack (cheese melted on bread... one of my faves), I enjoyed my coffee with vanilla soy milk and agave syrup instead... what a treat. At lunch I ate my nicely packed leftovers (roasted chicken and veggies... this was properly portioned out too). Afternoon snack? A banana!! YUM... I did have 2 caramels though... but I don't feel bad about it at all... they were yummy and small and a LOT LESS than I would have eaten before. I drank lots of water and I hit the gym (although I did drag my feet a little in getting there). It was a sauna in there and that makes me want to leave but instead I got down to some cardio business... I hit the bike for 5.83 km and then the treadmill for 2.73 km (I ran most of it but the heat kinda makes me nauseous... hence I don't think I will ever do Bikram yoga, although I am resolved to give it a try). Then I walked home (it's uphill and truly the worst part of the workout) and made some oven-baked sweet potato fries and some oven-baked zucchini fries for dinner. I feel happy, fulfilled and like I'm on the right path for once.

How am I dragging myself to the gym when all I want to do is be lazy at home and surf the net and watch shows? Well... I've decided to take one of the ideas I got off of, modify it and apply it to my health. I'm paying myself for each workout I do. Anytime I intentionally put on workout clothes and work up a sweat, I pay myself. The money goes into a little cup and the reward will be new clothes or SHOES... it's working so far. I worked out 3 times on my vacation just to pay myself. Clothes and shoes are GREAT motivators and a total treat for this chubby chick so I think I've found a method I can stick to.

For my food recipes (if you are interested) you can check out my other blog called Cook It Up! I post most things there and some of them end up on my pinterest page as well.

Thanks for following and encouraging!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Alright... back again!

Okay, friends... I've been ill, I've been traveling and just unfocused. But I set a date (today) to begin a new and selfish phase in my life. When I say selfish, I mean that in the best possible way. I mean it as in I'm going to put my needs first (exercise, wellness, emotional stability etc). For a long time I've been selfish with my wants (socially, physically etc) but I've gotten nowhere. I've come to realize that I NEED to make new priorities and goals for myself. One of those is to be active everyday... and so instead of saying yes to all the things my friends want to do etc, I'm going to make sure that I get some exercise and meditation (prayer) in daily... it helps with my physical, mental and emotional well-being so I'm going to make sure to take care of that every day. I'm also going to continue to fill my body with things that bring it to wellness... yup, that means less wine and all that fun stuff (which will make some laugh as they know my social self) but I'm doing because I need my body to focus on being well and it's not well right now... carrying the extra weight that I do can only mean that it is not well... it can't be well. I'm also going to only surround myself with people who bring something positive into my life... so good bye boys who are takers... good bye pseudo friends... This is about making a new and positive life change. I'm excited about it... I hope to chronicle it a little more faithfully and I thank my friend Jennifer Oakley for encouraging me to get back to this... she is on a similar journey in her life and inspires me almost daily. If you are a facebook member (and who isn't these days?!?!) look up her page: Quarter Ton Losers and like them... they are really awesome!

Anyway... sorry for the rambling... but all 3 of you who read this... well, I appreciate your support and love and I just wanted you to know what's going on and that I haven't given up the fight to be the best me... I'm just doing it more holistically now... I working on detoxing my whole life in a sense and building up from nothing... I think it's going to be good. So thanks for walking near me in this! <3

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Second Week over...

So the second week is over and I did have some hiccups for sure. I was really frustrated because I went to the doctor and he gave me a brace but it doesn't fit over my fat thighs and then rolls down and basically makes it so that all the pressure is ON the injury instead of off it. But I didn't focus on it. I also didn't go to the gym because my doctor recommended some rest and support on my knee. I took the advice and tried to do some core work with the ball and bands instead... stuff that wouldn't involve my knee at all.

My measurements this week (still no scale):

Ribcage: 36" (up from last week but still within an acceptable range for my ribcage area)
Waist: 40" (yup... that's right... down 1 1/2" from last time!!!!! YAH!!!)
Hips: 48" (still the same)

It's not fast but I don't want this to be fast... I want it to be right. This week, I'm going back to the gym, brace or no and getting my sweat on! Can't wait!!!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Second Week... Not Going So Well

This is just the beginning of my second week and I feel like it just isn't going so well. I am an emotional eater and knowing that I cannot workout right now (doctor said NO activity for 3 days, then light activity on the knee with a brace... which he gave to me, but won't fit because of my fat thighs... ) plus my intense PMS... well, it's just a bad combination... all I want to do is stuff my face with bad for me foods and let the tears roll.

But, instead, I am taking a page from my friend Jennifer's book and I am trying to keep my head up. I am going to drink lots of water instead of the glass of wine I want... I am going to cook a wonderfully tasty and healthy dinner and prep some lunches for the rest of the week and then get some work done. I want to be active, so I've emailed the doctor to tell him the knee brace and other options he gave aren't working (literally, the brace... one of those socky-type thingies just rolls right off my knee after about 2 steps, even with bandages holding it in place... the power of the bulge is too much for it's weak construction) and I am hoping he has some suggestions for me.

I will not let my mood get the better of me... I will not let my injury get the better of me either... I am stronger and better than all of this and I have lots of good people supporting me... YAH for that!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

One Week Back...

I've been back on the wagon for 1 week or thereabouts now. I don't have a scale at home but there was one at the gym... I hopped on it, swallowed my tears and told myself "now you know... now you know for sure what you gotta do." So at the beginning of last week this is what it looked like for measurements and weight:

Ribcage: 35 1/4"
Waist: 42"
Hips: 49"

Weight: 116kg or 256lbs.

Yes... I nearly cried over the measurements and weight and then I told myself that I didn't cry getting to this state, so I have no right to cry while in it. Time to get busy and get myself HEALTHY!!!

Now, I'd like to be at the gym everyday but (and I'm not making this an excuse... it's a current reality... I also have no access to a swimming pool as an alternative) I fell a couple of weeks ago and did some damage to my knee. It was swollen for about a week and not as bendy as a knee should be. It's almost normal size now but still can't bend all the way (like no kicking my own arse) and is wobbly and sore. I finally have time to get into a doctor next week and I'll be taking care of that so I can get back into the working out. I may also contact the fitness centre near me to price out a membership for just a few months as they do have a swimming pool and then I can rehab there hopefully.

However... with that said, I did do one day in the gym and it was good. I need to get back to my morning workouts as that's the best way for me to be SURE that I'm getting in some exercise on a daily basis. I also decided to start making my own lunches for the most part and just eating more clean foods (less processed). I didn't make anything a no-no for me because I know myself and as soon as I do that... well, then I crave and eventually gorge on the no-no. Now, I haven't been to the gym to weigh myself yet, but here are my measurements for this week:

Ribcage: 34 1/2"
Waist: 41 1/2"
Hips: 48"

So with just making some changes to my diet, I am beginning to see some results!!! YAH!! This just motivates me to get moving too. I can't wait to get this knee figured out so I can get moving. I will post the weight once I've weighed myself.

Thanks for reading and encouraging!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Getting back on the pony...

They say that when you fall off a horse or pony or bike you have to get back on and keep trying. I did great with the detox before and thought I'd make some big changes to the way I treated my body but I fell off that pony pretty quickly... like as soon as any kind of stress entered my life. I was also really struggling with my self-worth etc. But this year is all about discovering and embracing my self-worth. In the beginning I really focused on that from a relationship point of view and I feel like I'm making great strides forward but with those strides forward I began to notice that if I was discovering self-worth and respect then I needed to treat my body with respect too. So... I'm climbing back up on the "diet" pony and starting to ride. I don't think I want to call it a diet pony though, I just want to make some good solid life changes. Here's what I've done for starters:

*switched regular milk (which isn't unhealthy really, but can make my tummy perform circus tricks that are unnatural) for light soy milk.
*removed sugar from my morning coffee
*removed bread (especially white breads) for the most part from my daily eating.
*added lean proteins like salmon and legumes or beans to my daily diet.
*ceased to buy processed foods ( have some still in my cupboard by way of soup mixes but I don't really like them so I'm planning to give them away)
*added nuts, fruits and dried fruits (very little of those high sugar little numbers) to my daily intake
*begun to eat more regularly
*begun to plan and cook healthy, homemade meals that are lean in fats, lacking in sugar and salt and SUPER tasty
*begun to step back into the gym and my regular activity schedule (I've been sick a lot this year with sinus infections, throat infections, incredibly hives and allergic reactions, and a ruined knee from a fall on the ice etc).

I'm not sure what will happen as a result but I'm going to try and chronicle it as a way to stay honest and on it. I'll also be uploading a very honest picture of how bad it's gotten and my measurements... so be on the lookout for that pleasureful experience! ;)

Thanks for reading and, I hope, supporting!