Monday, April 23, 2012

Surgery just days away....

So my knee does need surgery and I've decided to go ahead with it so that it can get better faster while the problem is still fairly minimal.  But the kicker is that I won't be allowed to do any physical activity (even cycling with no resistance) for 3 or 4 weeks afterwards.  Of course I will heed the doctor's directions so that it heals well and I can actually get to running again.  However, this is a bummer as I do want to keep losing weight and getting fit.  My mom suggested doing some seated Tai Chi to work my upper body during that time which might be cool but there isn't much cardio in it... still worth doing something though, right?  But I've decided that after the surgery I'd eliminate some things from the food part of my life to help me... like sugar and white carbs (flour, rice, pasta etc).  I've been pretty good at keeping that out but now I'm just going to kiss it good bye... I've given up most meat at this stage as well (not because I have political issues or anything, or even because I don't like it... just because it's not convenient and I often don't feel like I want to eat it).  I'm hoping to up my veggies more and get more of my proteins from beans, lentils etc.  Basically, I'm going to take my cardio recovery time as a time to tackle some of my food issues (nothing too crazy or extreme because then all I want is what I can't have) and see how that works.  Instead of being further depressed by my limitations, I'm going to choose to be  impressed by the things I can do to continue to make positive contributions to my health!  Stay tuned... I'll probably be blogging about it at some point! ;)

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