Monday, April 16, 2012

Broken Body=Broken Motivation?

If you know and follow me on facebook you know that I've been dealing with a knee issue for a few months. I fell a while back and although much of it has healed, it's never completely healed. I went to the doctor and he confirmed that it's a little more messed up than I would like it to be and that surgery is on my horizon. He's let me deal with the choice of surgery now under his capable care or risking it getting worse etc. and having someone else do it. I'm pretty convinced that the time is now while the repairs would be minor.
With that said, my biggest struggle is to be motivated to work out. I've been told that I cannot run until it's fixed... running is how I get my real cardio workout in. Sure I can cycle on a stationary bike (I have one on my balcony but the seat is horrible and my rear end is in intense pain after about 5 minutes) but since I can't use any real resistance, I don't get a good workout. I can go for walks but the same thing happens... And as a fat chick, I REALLY need the good cardio to burn. My motivation is waning, that's for sure. I'm still eating fairly well most days and the inability to hit it hard in the gym has effected my appetite for sure... mostly I find that I'm not interested in eating at all (unless it's popcorn, hehe). Oh... and for all of you thinking that getting in a swimming pool would be the answer... you are so right, but when I checked into the ONLY pool that is open and within my area (like literally any others are between a 40 minute or 1 hour bus ride away), I was told I couldn't buy a short term membership... one year or nothing at all. If I wasn't moving in June, that'd be great but since I'll be in another country, that's a no go.... *sigh*Help me friends... help me find the motivation to exercise and alternatives that are workable. Right now, all I want to do is lay in bed in fat clothes and eat popcorn and ice cream.... yup... I'm mad/sad/frustrated and an emotional eater... oh... no yoga either because the injury makes it impossible to kneel... *sigh*

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