Thursday, July 28, 2011

8K... YEA!!

So part of my quest to be healthier is to up my exercise routine and knowing myself, I respond best to coaching and deadlines. So I registered for an 8K race that is part of the Istanbul Marathon (very cool because you literally run from Asia to Europe... not everyone has done that) that is in the middle of October. And because I am competitive, there is just no way I am going to walk the whole thing. Now, this means I have to train (and should mean eating right, but doesn't at the moment), so I am trying to run as much as possible. Today I did a trial 8K where my parents live which is an incredibly hilly place. I completed it in just under 1 hour and 20 minutes... not bad considering I had to walk a lot of it!! Stay tuned for more fitness/health/eating/weightloss updates!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

When Did 35 Become So Old?!

I'm 35 (36 next month) but I seriously feel 95. I've been ramping up my running in preparation for the Istanbul 8K and just to get healthy and fit. Well, I went gang busters for a few days. Three days straight of short but hilly runs that had me pushing myself and working hard. Then yesterday came around and I woke up feeling sore allover, but most notably in my hips and lower back (I have degenerative disk disease and bone spurs that are the pre-cursors to arthritis in my hips). So as I hobbled around in hopes that I could get out and run, I felt like I had aged 60 years in a night. Standing upright was a great challenge.... So today I was feeling better and decided to risk a VERY short run. It was painful but it got better as my joints warmed up and I walked more than I had hoped... so I ask you: When did 35 become so old?!?!

Monday, July 25, 2011

AH!!!! Vacation!!

Vacation is always a hard time for me to stick to a life style of healthy eating. It's especially hard for me as I am traveling and going home to my parent's house (I live in Turkey and they live in Canada) and have the chance to eat all the things I can't get in Turkey. It's hard to not want to eat all the things I shouldn't have like sugar, processed foods etc. I've been allowing myself to eat the things that I've missed but just one time and then I've been trying to step up my exercise in prep for the Istanbul Marathon 8K and to combat my food intake. One good thing is that I quickly tire of eating things outside my new norm and am keen to get back to a diet that consists of LOTS of veggies and fruits, little carbs, little sugars and almost nothing processed.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Vacation.... *sigh*

What is it about vacation that simply RUINS whatever it was that you were doing with your life plans for eating and exercising? I know I should be able to monitor and stay with my plans and I could if I tried, but something in my brain switches during vacation and just lets me sleep longer, move less and eat more. It doesn't help that as an expat I get to go home and eat things that I just can't get all year long.... Thankfully I have the Istanbul Marathon 8K to keep me focused (or should I say: get me back on track) with training and eating right. I'll start that tomorrow... no, really, I will. ;)