Tuesday, July 26, 2011

When Did 35 Become So Old?!

I'm 35 (36 next month) but I seriously feel 95. I've been ramping up my running in preparation for the Istanbul 8K and just to get healthy and fit. Well, I went gang busters for a few days. Three days straight of short but hilly runs that had me pushing myself and working hard. Then yesterday came around and I woke up feeling sore allover, but most notably in my hips and lower back (I have degenerative disk disease and bone spurs that are the pre-cursors to arthritis in my hips). So as I hobbled around in hopes that I could get out and run, I felt like I had aged 60 years in a night. Standing upright was a great challenge.... So today I was feeling better and decided to risk a VERY short run. It was painful but it got better as my joints warmed up and I walked more than I had hoped... so I ask you: When did 35 become so old?!?!


  1. You are not old! :) I think you are inspiring! I have gained so much weight being depressed about being 40 and just sitting around eating this year. I am going to do something about it!

  2. An old woman wouldn't get herself ready to run the 8K. You are still young and enjoying life at the fullest. But, be aware that moderate effort is always the best in the long run.. intensive efforts will make your body sore, telling you should listen to your own body alerts. It ain't a good feeling, after all!
    xo from Italy

  3. Thanks friends!! I appreciate that and I've definitely learned to pay attention to my body and what it needs...

  4. You're wiser than me, then.. i still don't know when i need to stop at the gym. And the next day, i'm burnout!! When did 37 become 73? ahahaha ; )