Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Golden Strawberries

In my search for things that work and that help to clean out my system, I've come across something called a Golden Strawberry here in Turkey. They sell them in diet pill format (which I am currently trying) and fresh (when in season) and dried (year round). The benefits are meant to be that they clean your blood from toxins, are diuretic, boost your metabolism etc. They are very high in vitamin C and are supposed to be good for your skin and immune system. The dangers would be the diuretic part as keeping water in your system can be hard if you have too many of the berries or take too many of the pills. The berries are sour in taste but I kind of like them. After using the pill form for a couple of weeks, I'm not seeing a great big difference in my size but I am noticing that I'm a whole LOT more regular... hehe I think I'd rather just used the dried berries as part of a trail mix, in baking and on salads. Interesting way to detox and diet... and totally natural. Something to think about!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


So it's been a little while since I completed the detox part of this little adventure in discovering how to be healthy. I've made some very interesting discoveries during that time that surprised me a lot. Here are a few:

1. Some foods that held my tastebuds and fat hostage I don't really like that much anymore. I cooked a big Thai meal and some friends brought over tortilla chips (I know... so not a match, but they were Turkish boys and well... you just can't blame them for trying) which used to be a favourite snacky thing for me and that I would refuse to buy because I couldn't stop myself from eating them... well, I had a couple that evening and was shocked to find out that I didn't really like them any more. Sure one or two was nice and then I was bored of them.... WOOHOO!!!! Another one is the bread rolls they make at school... not a big fan of them anymore.

2. I prefer a salad for lunch EVERYDAY now. Even when they have a great lunch on the menu at school, I hanker for that salad with some boiled eggs on top and plain yogurt for dressing.

3. I CAN and AM ABLE to stop eating! Before, I'd eat until whatever in front of me was done... now I eat and when I feel full or satiated, I just stop, push it away and feel great about it.

4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE being active. This wasn't a huge surprise to me, but HOW MUCH I like it was. YAH!! Can't wait to step it up a notch...

5. I'm loving who I am more and more... oh... and another 1/2 inch is gone from the waist! YAH!!

So the detox is what I needed and I am thrilled with the results. I may even do a 3 day revisit to it this coming week just to cleanse out after a little too much celebrating different going aways and events with friends the last 2 weekends.