Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Body Parts

*sigh* Sometimes they just don't cooperate. I hurt my knee a while back and went in to see the doctor. His primary concern at the time was that I had broken or fractured part of my knee so I had X-Rays done and was cleared. However, the front of my knee is still numb and tingles when touched and there is pressure and pain when I bend it deeply or put pressure on it by kneeling. So I went back to the doctor (who is AWESOME, by the way) to have him have another look and this time an MRI is in order and I am NOT to run... this is a HUGE bummer for me because I've really enjoyed running and started having some good success with it lately. But okay... so since I'm off the running until I get the okay from the doctor, I need to find other ways to be active that don't involve putting too much pressure or impact on my knee... and no, I don't have a swimming pool at my availability (weird, I know, since I work at a university and they don't have one in ANY of their gyms). So today I walked home from the main campus which is about 3km and then I do have a really crappy stationary bike at my apartment... I guess those are my options for now... any other suggestions?! I know I can still do my core and stuff with my ball and bands, so that's good but I need to BURN this fat off... help, please....

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