Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sweating it Out

So even though I'm under orders from the doctor NOT to run (which burns mega calories, and which I've been getting better and better at), I decided that I could still find a way to get to the gym and get my sweat on. The old me would have whined, complained, told every soul with a pair of ears (I kinda still did that last one) and then gone home to gorge on not good for me foods... but this me, the new me, the improved and better me.... well, she packed her gym bag, dragged it to school and took her bum knee to the gym to hit the weights and the bike. I was there for about an hour or so and sweat nearly as much as if I'd run... it was good... really good and it was a great way to force to to lift weights which are great calorie burners too. I like the new me better... she loves herself and wants the best for herself... YAH!! And it was great because one of my basketball players looked at me today (we took our team picture) and asked if I'd lost weight... I said I had but just a tiny bit and she said it was totally noticeable... maybe I don't see it but it's so encouraging when others do!!!
So if you have an injury and can find a way around it... then do.. it's great!


  1. Weights are good, cause they lead to muscle and mean you will burn even more calories in your day to day activities. I'm a big follower of the idea of women doing weights to tone up and burn fat at the same time :-)

  2. I've lost the desire to workout now though... guess I still am the old me sometimes.