Monday, March 26, 2012

A Good Start

Today was a good start in my life change. Yesterday was a mini-start but I'd been feeling a little off (sore tummy, dizzy etc) so I didn't work out but managed to make some yummy healthy food and then eat too much of it... *sigh* This is the story of my life and portion control is my biggest issue for the most part... especially in the evenings.
But today, today was a different story. I got up feeling well rested. I had a nice proper portioned bowl of Special K cereal with Soy Milk (regular milk makes my insides unhappy but yogurt and cheese tend to be okay in moderation). Then I went to school (aka work) and I snubbed the snack (cheese melted on bread... one of my faves), I enjoyed my coffee with vanilla soy milk and agave syrup instead... what a treat. At lunch I ate my nicely packed leftovers (roasted chicken and veggies... this was properly portioned out too). Afternoon snack? A banana!! YUM... I did have 2 caramels though... but I don't feel bad about it at all... they were yummy and small and a LOT LESS than I would have eaten before. I drank lots of water and I hit the gym (although I did drag my feet a little in getting there). It was a sauna in there and that makes me want to leave but instead I got down to some cardio business... I hit the bike for 5.83 km and then the treadmill for 2.73 km (I ran most of it but the heat kinda makes me nauseous... hence I don't think I will ever do Bikram yoga, although I am resolved to give it a try). Then I walked home (it's uphill and truly the worst part of the workout) and made some oven-baked sweet potato fries and some oven-baked zucchini fries for dinner. I feel happy, fulfilled and like I'm on the right path for once.

How am I dragging myself to the gym when all I want to do is be lazy at home and surf the net and watch shows? Well... I've decided to take one of the ideas I got off of, modify it and apply it to my health. I'm paying myself for each workout I do. Anytime I intentionally put on workout clothes and work up a sweat, I pay myself. The money goes into a little cup and the reward will be new clothes or SHOES... it's working so far. I worked out 3 times on my vacation just to pay myself. Clothes and shoes are GREAT motivators and a total treat for this chubby chick so I think I've found a method I can stick to.

For my food recipes (if you are interested) you can check out my other blog called Cook It Up! I post most things there and some of them end up on my pinterest page as well.

Thanks for following and encouraging!

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  1. Good for you! I'm trying to be healthier too. I started last year after gaining so much weight my knees hurt, but I stopped keeping track after Christmas so I'm starting again! I have trouble with portion control too (especially with chocolate), so I'm using a calorie counting website to track my food and exercise. I seem to do a lot better if I have it all in writing, otherwise I don't feel accountable. Paying yourself is such a great idea too! Look forward to reading more of your detox adventures!