Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day Two

So day two started well, I worked out hard enough the day before to slip into a pretty deep coma by about 9:30 pm and I woke up super rested and happy.

My gym bag was packed already and I was ready to get busy this afternoon after work. However, there were some unforeseen changes at work and I needed to deal with a few of those things, so I did that after school and then I went to the staff volleyball game. I have degenerative disk disease and so sometimes I'm not as bendy as I like and for some reason it's harder in volleyball. So since most of my colleagues know I'm a non-bender, they tend to pick up my slack and I don't get to run around or play that much. I know that if I develop a stronger core and as I loose weight, this can be easier so I'm trying to make it a goal instead of a let down. But I stayed and played for about 1 1/2 hours for my exercise today. My current goal is to find a way to be active everyday. Whether that is a hard core workout at the gym, some yoga or pilates at home, a walk with friends, playing volleyball or whatever. Just as long as I make physical activity a priority in my life right now. I'm not sure if I should pay myself for what I did today, but maybe I should since it was a long period of time.... yes, I think I will. One thing I do know is that I really need to find a way to make yoga and pilates more a part of my daily life because the stretching and strength building is so important for me... my back is killing me right now and I can barely stand up (it's going into spasm... so I've plastered some stuff on it and I will put it to rest after a good hot shower later) but I can't live this way... so I've gotta take this weight off and get my body healthy and strong... skinny is nice, but healthy, strong and fit are straight up sexy and life supporting, so that's the ultimate goal in the end...

I used to be the person that would get discouraged from this kind of pain and I'd give up... eat a bunch of sweets and have a good cry and pity party... but not now, now I want to push through that, stay positive and stick to my goals... I'm packing my gym bag again for tomorrow (going to try and run a little more tomorrow... getting stronger and faster...) and I'm making it a priority to get to the gym and get my sweat on!

Upside of the day? My neighbour who hasn't seen me in about 2 weeks asked if I'd lost weight... she thinks I have (I'm pretty sure I haven't... I need to do my measurements at the end of the week), so that feels nice and motivates me to keep going!

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