Thursday, July 26, 2012

Successes and Failures...

I think that choosing a healthier lifestyle is full of ups and downs, successes and failures.  I'm just beginning my journey (again) and I've already experienced both.  I weighed myself when I first got home (260 lbs... failure) and again this morning (3 weeks later: 262.5.... success of a sort since I didn't mind my diet or really workout at all).  I've successfully kept sugar out of my coffee (one of my short term goals that is now becoming a long term goal with an extension to tea). I've failed to eat small portions or even healthful choices.  These are things to take on in my next chapter as I move to Singapore.  Just like I removed sugar from my hot beverages, I'm going to removed packaged sweets from my diet.  Eventually I'd like to remove at least 75% of all packaged foods if I can. And I'd like to add more workout time into my life again.   But we'll see.  Let's keep moving one little success at a time.  There will always be failures but as long as I don't allow that to derail me completely, then that will be okay. 

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