Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Goals

Okay... clearly I've been trying and failing for quite some time now.  So, now it's time to get serious.  I think I've just not been ready. And by that I mean that I kept ignoring the information that my body was telling me.  I was ignoring the pain in my back and hips from carrying all the extra weight (I have been wearing the same size for 3 or 4 years but it's not about the gain, it's about the wear and tear).  I was ignoring the headaches from eating foods that weren't good for me.  I was ignoring how much I hated looking in the mirror or at pictures.  But no longer.  I know I may have said that before but I'm really and truly done with looking and feeling the way that I do.  So it's time for a change and I am the only one who can make that change.

Here are the goals I am making:

1. Run a 10 km race in under 1 1/2 hours (I'm slow but that time would be quick for me)

2. Walk/jog a 1/2 marathon

3. Work out 3-4 times a week

4. Avoid fried, fast or processed foods (this is going to mean less or no drinking)

5. Absolutely no added sugar (going to use honey or agave syrup instead), no added salt

Okay... I think we will start with those 5 goals.  I've already stopped adding sugar to anything and I don't even miss it.  I still use salt sometimes but I think it will be easy to give that up as I don't really need to add it most of the time.  I've walked a 5 km race just recently and was able to do well with that so I think training for and running/walking to other two is doable.  The hard goals for me will be avoiding the fried or fast foods (had fried, fast food for dinner... made it my last meal of that sort), it will also be hard for me to push to do the workouts.  I just get so lazy once I get home... I think I'm going to start packing my workout gear to school and changing there before hopping the train home... that way I can go straight to the gym when I come home... it's the going upstairs to change first that kills the workout mojo.  But if I'm already changed when I get on the train, there is no reason to go upstairs.

Okay... I know that there are literally 3 readers but I'm really going to need your support, help and accountability push to help me complete these goals.  Also, let me know what would be some good timelines for the races... when should I have those completed by?


  1. My thoughts,
    The workouts will mean you can do the 10k. Keep the half as a longer goal as the training required is really hard on your body. Make sure you do some strength training as your body wil be stronger and burn more fat all day long than if you just train with cardio.

    Agave syrup is much better than honey but you may find you end up not really needing either as your tastes adjust.

    My number one tip is to keep a simple food and exercise diary, either an online one or just written in a notebook, makes you so much more aware of what you've eaten any day.

    1. I completely agree... I've already stopped using a sweetener for tea.... It's just coffee and I've decided to give that up except for a treat once in a while.