Friday, November 16, 2012

Weekly Check-In

Alright... so here is the nitty gritty truth of the matter... I've done well!  Food is my go to thing for when I am sad, happy, stressed or feel overwhelmed.  I'm an emotional eater to the n-th degree.  And there has been all of the above in the past 3 days.  And one day I almost posted a plea blog for a solution to wanting to drown my sorrows in chocolate and wine... but I sucked it up and didn't do it.

Here is how it broke down:

I didn't add any additional sugar to my teas or anything else I had.

I did let myself have a cookie when I felt like my day was crap and I wanted a treat (best part?  I didn't go for the second one or the other offered treats from friends).

I didn't add salt to anything I ate (and I ate boiled eggs... plain... not bad)

I did NOT work out.  My back decided it hate me on Thursday night and I've been slowly stretching it out ever since... maybe a little pool time later today if I think I can handle it.

I did monitor my portions (except for last night when I got to go to a friend's house for a Diwali feast... but I did abstain from booze during the event).

I avoided fried foods altogether, even when a quick meal from a fast food joint seemed like it would be so much easier.

Through the whole time of saying no to most treats (I did have that cookie and dessert last night... deliciousness) and in choosing healthier foods I NEVER ONCE felt deprived or like I was on a diet.  That is SUCCESS right there.  Limiting simple things and just making better choices is easier than forbidding things for forever from my life.

Let's hope the next week sees me continuing to succeed and to even hit the gym and time or 3!!

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