Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Second Week... Not Going So Well

This is just the beginning of my second week and I feel like it just isn't going so well. I am an emotional eater and knowing that I cannot workout right now (doctor said NO activity for 3 days, then light activity on the knee with a brace... which he gave to me, but won't fit because of my fat thighs... ) plus my intense PMS... well, it's just a bad combination... all I want to do is stuff my face with bad for me foods and let the tears roll.

But, instead, I am taking a page from my friend Jennifer's book and I am trying to keep my head up. I am going to drink lots of water instead of the glass of wine I want... I am going to cook a wonderfully tasty and healthy dinner and prep some lunches for the rest of the week and then get some work done. I want to be active, so I've emailed the doctor to tell him the knee brace and other options he gave aren't working (literally, the brace... one of those socky-type thingies just rolls right off my knee after about 2 steps, even with bandages holding it in place... the power of the bulge is too much for it's weak construction) and I am hoping he has some suggestions for me.

I will not let my mood get the better of me... I will not let my injury get the better of me either... I am stronger and better than all of this and I have lots of good people supporting me... YAH for that!

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  1. You can do it! I recently worked out how much harder it is for me to start eating healthy when dealing with PMS but once you get started it is much easier each month :-)