Saturday, February 11, 2012

Second Week over...

So the second week is over and I did have some hiccups for sure. I was really frustrated because I went to the doctor and he gave me a brace but it doesn't fit over my fat thighs and then rolls down and basically makes it so that all the pressure is ON the injury instead of off it. But I didn't focus on it. I also didn't go to the gym because my doctor recommended some rest and support on my knee. I took the advice and tried to do some core work with the ball and bands instead... stuff that wouldn't involve my knee at all.

My measurements this week (still no scale):

Ribcage: 36" (up from last week but still within an acceptable range for my ribcage area)
Waist: 40" (yup... that's right... down 1 1/2" from last time!!!!! YAH!!!)
Hips: 48" (still the same)

It's not fast but I don't want this to be fast... I want it to be right. This week, I'm going back to the gym, brace or no and getting my sweat on! Can't wait!!!!!

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