Monday, April 18, 2011

Day One...

Okay, so today was day one of my detox... it was a little tough at school when everyone was sharing treats but I understand that I have to learn to say no and to be happy with the choices I am making, so it was okay. Here is what I ate for the day:

Breakfast - 2 egg whites scrambled with 4 cherry tomatoes and 3 mushrooms chopped up. Pepper and a little garlic were added.

Morning snack - 1 pink grapefruit and 1 cup of plain, non-fat yogurt

Lunch - 2 cups of green salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and 2 tbsps of oil/lemon juice for dressing. On top I also put about 2 tbsp of beans (they most likely contained salt... most things in Turkey do)

Afternoon snack - 1 small anjou pear

Dinner - 2 cups stir fried veggies (about 1 tbsp of oil was used for frying) that included 2 egg whites, cauliflower, mushrooms, 1 yellow pepper, 1 carrot, cherry tomatoes, celery and brussel sprouts. I dressed it with crushed red pepper, garlic and oregano. YUM!!

Evening snack - 1 banana

Drink besides water- 1 cup green tea

The food was super tasty. I didn't get to workout today because of some work, getting up too late and waiting for my groceries to be delivered. But fret not, I am scheduled to meet a friend for a killer walk in the morning.

And here are the measurements (Let's not judge people... also, I don't have a scale so inches is all we have):

Bust - 44"
Upper Ribcage - 36"
Waist - 43"
Hips - 49"

My goal is to really whittle down my waist. The others will follow I am sure, but my big concern is with getting my waist down to 34." It's going to be hard, but I am determined and I can do this.

See you tomorrow for the daily does of detoxing in an all natural way.

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