Sunday, February 24, 2013

Update #1

So I've just passed the 2 week mark on my journey and as my nutritionist and I have agreed, I'd weigh in every 2 weeks and once a month do a deeper consultation with feedback etc.

Friday was my first weigh in.... I haven't been perfect in following all the rules.  I'd had my iced coffees with cream and condensed milk (it's a local Singapore thing) a time or two, I'd eaten a couple of sandwiches here and there, I hadn't managed to always take in as much protein as I was meant to, I'd had chocolate here and there, a beer here and a drink there... but I had kept trying and I had taken all my vitamins etc.  However, with a less than perfect eating record and an inability to do strenuous exercise due to the condition of my back,  I didn't have high hopes for my first weigh in...

I stepped on the scale and tried to tell myself that the next one would be better, that I felt better when I was eating right so that was worth all the efforts... I got off the scales (I'm not allowed to look... my nutritionist does all the recording).  My initial weight was 268 lbs or 122.5 kgs and my current weight is:

263lbs or 120 kgs!!!!  I'd lost 2.5 kgs or 5lbs!!!!  I couldn't believe it!  WOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!  It made me feel motivated to keep trying and to get on the exercise train as quickly as I can!

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